Welcome to this corner of the internet.

I’m a woman who would like to see a world where we all relate to each other more personally, instead of just personably. A lot of us are holding up shields and masks in an attempt to be palatable to one another. Frankly, I’ve been in the closet of polite company far too long.

I figure I should take the first step and share some of my learnings and experiences. By doing so, I hope you feel moved to do the same.


If you’re feeling strange in an even stranger world, come sit with me. Let’s talk about it.

I promise I’ll believe you.

I’m also digging my feet further into the ethereal realms, so if you feel like giving a barely-budding psychic a chance to flex her gifts, feel free to send me a note. Or if you just need to get some shit off your chest, that’s all good, too.

I love you forever.