With A Side Of Sugar

I cannot digest this for you
To do so would take all the days of the sun
Warming, blistering
Smoothing and splitting open
The purple of plum-dark skin

I can only finesse this for you
My hands crushed the sticky sweet flesh
Into a currant, mortar stained
Fingers strained
As the ligaments of each phalange
Worked all the vibrant complexity without a pestle

Muted the yellows, the orange, the red
That bit of pit made my tooth dread
Chipping it

Lucky for me, it was a molar
In the back, behind the scenes
Lest the curtains draw
And my smile unnerve you

Now, the product is as you expected
All the same-such humble hue
Singing its notes on key
Calm cool and collected

But in case there's a part of you
Ever curious
Peeking past the analytical
Report-out of nutrition fact labels
I left a piece in there to remind you
Of memories never owned

The earth
The stars
Drinking in breath of shared sky
How the blossoms held hands
When brethren fell to first frost
The low buzzing of pollinators all season
Once spring broke
And exhales no longer left a trace

I hope you taste it

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