Peeling Back The Layers of Perception

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness. Note that this particular entry may be a little more unhinged than the square, tidy package of the previous.

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness. Keep repeating until people truly think you’re a broken record.

As a cultural illiterate, I’ve never seen the film “The Matrix”, but I know that everyone knows the concept of it. Somehow, the powers that be have us in a collective brain fog that keeps us asleep and consuming, blah blah blah…

I only say “blah blah blah” not because this isn’t important, but because all of these topics have been elaborated on at length. They’ve been elaborated on by people much more eloquent than I, and who can piece together a much more emotionally-punchy video (see evidence below):

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness. Receive the secret messages. Don’t let “the man” know you’re here.

As energizing and motivational as something like this video might be, where is the call to action? Other than recoiling in horror at the world we live in and screaming battle cries about stickin’ it to capitalism, what are the actionable steps we’re supposed to take? How are we supposed to wake up?

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness. Wake up, my friends!

But how does one awaken?

Fun fact: You’ve probably already done it.

Have you ever had a moment where you’re minding your own business, going on about your day, and out of nowhere, everything changes? Your vision becomes unusually acute. Edges stand out and you start really seeing the depths and distances between objects. Audible sounds become sharp and clear. Things almost feel false, flat. You become aware that you’re a body, miming noises and actions by the power of your mind. And you’re interacting with other bodies, those of whom aren’t necessarily seeing through the same strange lens.

What is happening?

For those who partake of substances: It’s that feeling, that high.

But you don’t have to get high to know what I’m talking about. You don’t have to use any kind of mind-altering tools for your mind to be altered. Sometimes it’ll sneak up on you as you’re doing something innocuous, peeling potatoes for dinner. Before you know it, you’re peeling back the veil. Or, it might come to visit as you look out to the landscape. You’re sitting in the passenger’s seat as a friend of yours drives the car. It hits you. It might bubble up as you’re looking at a piece of art or someone you love. It’s that slight-slipping-under, that crossing over, the moment when you look in another’s eyes and say, “I’m in.”

My friend calls it a “click”.

You’ve experienced this when you’ve got the sensation something is waaaaaaay on. You’ve experienced this when you found yourself in the middle of something that didn’t fit the script.

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness.

The full moon this weekend was a particularly energetic one. Each full moon can be challenging, shining her light upon all the darkest nooks and crannies of the subconscious mind, the places we normally skip over in our day-to-day processing. This moon, for whatever reason, came with a lot of “clicks” for me.

I was driving back to Moreno Valley from Laguna Beach today after visiting a friend, making my way along the famed 91 freeway. I’m lucky enough to be a person who has friends of all ages. Those I consider spirit family span at least five different decades. I thought about how my life might look 10 years from now. Would I still be driving across a freeway? Would I work a 9 to 5? Would my clothes still be purchased second-hand, and would they still ultimately contribute to the textile slavery machine?

How many of my friends, in their additional time on earth, have managed to escape the matrix? How many are making it a goal? How many are comfortable where they’re at? Can consciousness and the world we live in be compatible? What does consciousness mean for certain people, and is it even something to strive for? At what cost? And where am I going to be 10 years from now? Is all of my life going to look basically the same? Will I play my drums, my ocarina on the weekends and still dedicate the bulk of my time to the life that society designed for me?

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness.

There was another moment Friday evening when a “click” showed up. The place I call home is a two-story tract house built in the late 80’s, with an open concept staircase similar to the one below:

Totally not my house, but totally looks like my house

The house was dark. Streetlight flooded in from the windows above the staircase, and the lights of the neighbors tumbled through the sliding glass door. It was dark, but still illuminated enough to navigate, the kind of dark where you think you know where everything is but you’re nervous your eyes are still playing tricks.

I laid down on the landing between the first and second floor and looked up to the far stretches of the ceiling above. I observed both places from this transitional vantage point, and something “clicked”.

I don’t have to be here. I have chosen this place as my dwelling unit. I don’t have to stay. I can literally drive away and leave any time I want. I don’t have to choose this.

I could feel the layers of the matrix peeling away from my mind.

Why do I choose this? For survival? Do I not believe I could obtain food and shelter another way? Do I fear harm would come to me? Am I so accustomed I’ve forgotten everything and instead am blind to this unconscious comfort?

It can be more than a little unnerving when this sort of stuff just shows up. I tried to phone a friend to ask for help, but that particular friend had their cell phone off. I decided to retire to my room and sleep to ride out the wave.

Another “click” happened recently as I was driving back with friends from an event in Los Angeles. After dropping them off and heading back home, I had this uncomfortable realization that this world and the life I’m living is somebody’s idea of an alien planet. Like, seriously alien. How unrecognizable are we even to our ancestors 100 years ago?

Consciousness. Consciousness. Consciousness.

But matrix peeling doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable. I’ve actually experienced most of these clicks when I’ve been talking about love. One of my first breakthroughs actually happened in an airport, waiting for a layover flight and talking about the concept of universal connection with a classmate. We were sitting in the large black terminal chairs, a giant window in front of us, watching the planes roll by. And something about the love which threads through us all just broke my brain, brought me to tears that day.

Another instance was one morning last year in my old apartment when everything was unusually quiet. The sun’s golden light poured in my room, and I swear the air itself sparkled. As I made my way to my car, the wind in the leaves sang a musical rustle. The leaves themselves bended and folded in perfect harmony, millions of little waves of ombre yellow shades. I kept looking around to see if there was anyone else I could point this out to, but for some reason at 8:30 on a Thursday morning there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was like waking up in an alternate universe. It was like being in love.

When have you escaped the matrix?

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  1. Piotr Andrzej of the family Kampka Kampka says:

    I am escaping the matrix on all dimensions whenever I want… but i have not found way to leave it alltogether, because the relationship with human in the matrix is necessary to continue my own life… such is the conclusion so far.
    I love your blogs. Please continue.

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