Commencement & The Human Condition

Happy Saturday to all.

And especially happy Saturday to those who are making their way across the stage today as they grab their diplomas and ready themselves for a new chapter ahead. Today happens to be the day four years after my own university graduation, and I wouldn’t have realized it had I not been catching up with a friend.

“Wow,” he said after I finished recounting all that had transpired within the past few months. “It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s almost as if you’ve learned more now than in all your years of school.”

School? I hadn’t thought about school in a long time.

I’ve come to realize learning is one of those things that accompanies you day in and day out, whether you like it or not. Part of the human condition, so to speak. And another part of the human condition, I’ve come to learn, is spiritual and psychic phenomena.

Now hear me out.

There are people of all faiths (and lack thereof) who fall all over the extra-sensory spectrum. For most of us, these happenings consist of picking up on others’ feelings and that uncomfortable sensation someone’s watching.

But there are people who experience things beyond this, who receive information in ways not currently validated by our culture’s scientific point of view. The knee-jerk reaction is either to brush them off as scam artists, medicate them, or (for the fellow “weirds” out there) open our arms and accept them as one of our own.

What I want to tell you is: These spiritual and psychic experiences are completely normal. I repeat: They are completely normal.

I used to be so afraid if I brought up this subject, I would be quickly rejected. In the best-case scenario, it would separate me from the rest of humanity as “different”. In the worst-case, it would mean I wouldn’t be able to feed myself. It didn’t help that my undergraduate degree was in engineering – if I ever breathed a word of this, my hopes for a professional career were ruined.

Part of why I’ve been called to return to writing (and writing publicly) is because I want to let you know this is all BS. It is BS to think having spiritual or psychic experiences is so unusual. These experiences are happening to people who are leading everyday lives – doctors, schoolteachers, the lady who drives the bus – and it can be as natural a sensation as my ten fingers are to me, these fingers helping me strike these keys.

But for some folks (myself included), spiritual experiences haven’t always felt so natural. Indeed, most of my life has carried on peacefully without contact from the other side. However, once the energies came knocking on my door, there was no going back. Something in me began changing, opening up, and a new lens for viewing life came into form. More and more recently, I’ve found myself having increasingly intense experiences.

Of course, when this all started occurring, I went where all people go looking for answers: The internet. And while I appreciate the internet for providing endless articles to get words to describe these things (How To Tell If You’re An Empath, Doing A Soul Retrieval, Are Your Dreams Really Glimpses Of Past Lives?, Moving Into Shadow Work, etc.), there was always something missing. All of the people writing these articles were usually self-described experts, and nearly all the people commenting were those who were convinced they were astral traveling and connecting with the angels. I, however, was less certain.

And thus, the reason why I’m here. I’ve been going through a “spiritual awakening” as the crunchy granolas would say, and I haven’t always been sure what to do with it. This was a hard transition for me as a previously-atheist-engineer who cared a lot about what other people thought, and who cared a lot about living the most “optimized” and utilitarian life possible. Hearing voices and feeling energy wasn’t part of the plan. And for some of you out there, this wasn’t part of your plan, either.

If you’re going through strange happenings or you’ve just been having feelings or thoughts that make you feel like a freak, give a high five right here. There’s not nearly enough out there on the internet about psychic puberty and the rollercoaster of it. I’m hoping by sharing a few of my stories here, I can help bring to light some of the doubts, hang-ups, and fears that have been plaguing my own transformation.

We keep learning every day, like it or not. And like it or not, these experiences are a part of my learning, are a part of me. I’ve spent a very long time being ashamed, hiding, apologetic, but after four years of this I’m ready to shed it all, place it aside, walk across that stage, and claim what is mine. In this season of commencement, I can’t think of a better time.

My name is Erika Aragon, and I am a psychic.

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  1. Jason Childress says:

    Badass, I didnt know you were writing a blog. I love it because im right there with you. Its not like the movies or like at the meditation studio where your given the impression that its something easy, identifiable and most importantly the fact that everyone seems to be a self proclaimed guru… when we are but not like that… So badass write more… You make me wanna write

  2. Lesley A Jones (Lady Violet) says:

    So proud of you Erika! As always, I am right there beside you, in my weirdness and giving you a high five! It took me a long time to realize that I was okay as I was, and since I “came out of the Psychic Closet” about 8 years ago, I finally feel Authentic, my truest version! As I said in our Skype call the other day, I have always seen your psychic wisdom flowing, and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish now that you have embraced it! Love You! ((((((HUGS)))))

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